• If I fail to repay, will my car be repossessed?

    Repossession is a possibility if a customer fails to repay their loan, however, at York Title Loans we always go the extra mile to ensure we are being as flexible as possible if our customers experience further hardship and are unable to repay a particular months payment. Always be vocal with your lending agent if you take out a loan and this is the case in the future.

  • What documents do I need?

    Please have the following documents ready to get a title loan as quickly as possible:

    • Valid state issued identification
    • Clear car title
    • Proof of Insurance
    • Income verification such as formal paystubs
    • Bank Account and Routing information to receive funds if we are able to extend you an offer.


  • Is there a pre-payment penalty?

    No. All loans offered from York Title Loans must have the first month’s payment paid. Once that payment is verified you are free to pay off the loan early if you wish to do so.

  • How much can I get?

    In order to know how much we can offer you we need to underwrite your loan first to verify your vehicle value and income. Once that information is authenticated, we will offer you an amount that makes sense to the average borrower in that earnings range and particular car value. We methodically calculate every single loan to set our customers up for success and keep them out of default status with their debt. We are required by law to offer you a minimum loan amount in your state. If your vehicle does not meet requirements for that amount we can not lend on that particular vehicles title.

  • Why choose York Title Loans?

    York Title Loans is a verified online title loan provider. We use the equity in your vehicle to lend you that cash value and provide extended payment options to make it easy to repay efficiently. At York Title Loans we perform all processes remotely from pre-qualification to funding. Other title loan providers charge you to keep their lights on, we do not!

  • Who can get a title loan?

    If you own your vehicle outright, are a legal adult over the age of 18, and have been working for several months consistently, chances are you will qualify for a title loan. Of course your vehicle value will need to be evaluated and all documents authenticated before we are able to formally extend a loan offer to you but we assist with this process when necessary to ensure a smooth lending experience for every single one of our customers.

  • Does my car qualify?

    Please observe the following examples to clarify some of the models and brands we are able to loan on:

    • 2017 Nissan Rogue with 64,000 miles
    • 2008 Dodger Ram 25000 with 135,000 miles
    • 2012 Toyota Tacoma with 88,000 miles
    • 2011 Chrysler 200 with 106,000 miles
    • 2004 Toyota Landcruiser with 152,000 miles
    • 2006 Jeep Wrangler 4×4 with 94,000 miles
    • 2018 Honda Pilot with 44,000 miles

    As you can see, we are capable of lending on every major and minor brand of vehicle on the road today. Your vehicle value will be the single greatest variable in determining if you qualify or not.