I’m very happy with York Title Loans

Customer satisfaction is important to me and how I’m treated is how I determine who I do business with. I was referred to York through a friend and from the get go York made it easy for me to understand what was being offered to me, how to make it work better to my advantage, and how to make sure I am successful with this loan. I am grateful they took the extra time with me to answer specifics about the loan.

- Rebecca Andrei
This is my third loan with them.

Whenever I need help I turn to York Title Loans for assistance because I am familiar with how they work and who I am dealing with. They have made me feel comfortable since day one and always work hard for my business.

- Cherish Allycia
A Realistic Option For Me

Once every few years I do need some income supplementation when something happens to me or my car or kids. York Title Loans is there for me every time and We have done good business together for years. My title is always returned promptly free and clear of liens every time.

- Tylor Codie
Why haven’t I used them before!

Hey just wanted to give a big kudos to the York Team for assisting me through this process remotely. My cash was wired right to my Wells account in a matter of hours.

- Nikolas Brown
I prefer York Title Loans over a payday loan

Take it from someone who has had 20 + payday loans in their lifetime, York Title Loans is a way better option. I get thousands instead of just a few hundred. I get to make my payments monthly instead of paying in full two weeks later and I am still driving my vehicle to work and back everyday. York and team really helped me out.

- Adriano Aurelio
5 Stars To York and Team

Times are tough with inflation being so high and my income not being adjusted. I had some savings but decided to not dip into them too much and get a car title loan from York Title Loans instead to buy a new AC unit for my home. I’m glad I did. My savings are safe. I just need to make a monthly payment for about 6 months and I’ll be on my way.

- Kenny Abbie
I was approved yesterday.

After being approved yesterday I just received my money. I just wanted to reach out and say thanks again to York Title Loans for the help.

- Milena Lina
2006 Chevrolet Silverado for $3500

My Chevy Silverado is a little high mileage but in great condition and mechanically nearly flawless. I was a little concerned it would not qualify but with my solid work history and income I was approved almost immediately. The inspection was scheduled really fast and shortly after signing I had money sent to my bank. I also am allowed to keep driving my truck. This just feels like a regular car loan only more short term.

- Ciara Cristoforo
Thrilled with this loan!

I needed some cash for college before an official loan came through from financial aid. York Title Loans kept me afloat in the meantime. I am thrilled with the monthly repayment options.

- Hubert Kolton